Friday, 19 October 2012

The guardian of the forest 2.

As Shion walk the door of his room,he over heard lillia talking to the assistance Kaito,saying that they should ask the animal control to kill the wolfs and some other animals.
The next day..when Shion and ken went to the forest again,they saw Zaki again and Shion told him that Lillia and the hunters will come while ken picks out some herbs and then,sekai,A eagle came and said"i am the guardian of the Sky,I overheard your conversation and wanted to tell you ,if you go to the land Covered with white you will find the elder,the oldest animal on this world and he will help you to guide your way." And after he said that,he flew away to his nest.
Zaki continued "that is Seikai the guardian of the Sky within my forest I will now go to the northpole which he said now." Ken immediately shout "I will come with you!" "Me too"Shion added.

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