Saturday, 20 October 2012

The guardian of the forest

One day… Shion and Ken was attacked by a tiger but just than,a black wolf with red eyes pounces before it could attack seeing that black wolf the tiger retreated and that wolf spoke "I am Zaki the guardian of this forest what have you come here for?" "Wha…it…t can speak!!" Shion said looking extremely surprised and Ken was staring and did not move "yes I can speak you got a problem with that," he continued "no...we came here to pick out herbs for the orphans at our place" " herbs?orphans?what are those?"Zaki said curiously.Ken said "herbs are plants that can cure people with illness and orphan are people with no parents and no relative wants to take care of them."
After hearing that Zaki decided to help out as they pick out the herbs they saw tons of different animals like burb and the tot. When they finished,they said that they will visit again and went back home as the sun is going down.
When they reach they gave the herbs to lillia who's the owner of the orphan house and its time to eat dinner.when eating dinner,tork one of the boys said "I saw a wolf somewhere in our garden "lillia looked worried Ken and Shion glance at each other and than went back to eating.
When they went back to their room they discussed "hey you think Lillia will ask the people to tear down the forest do you?" Shion said anxiously and Ken replied "I don't think so..she wouldn't be so cruel will she?"

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