Friday, 19 October 2012

The Moonlight Stars………

The Moonlight Stars
The moonlight stars
on one breezy day,"hey!! Wait for mee!!"and that shout was storm,the chosen wolf.
Scrow, is the alpha of the pack,Flora,named after Scrow's mother.
Earlier on that day......
Storm was In the den sleeping usually when suddenly There's a gun shot Startled,Storm wakes up and dash out of the den and saw Kiki raning into the forest.
"Hey!! Wait for me!!"Said storm the 1 year old mix wolf following his mother,Kiki,into the forest. When he catch up with her,he saw Kiki chasing 2 unknown creatures and attacking them but they got away.
When they got back into their territory,curiously, storm ask his mother what was that strange creature and his mother replyed,"I don't know dear,but! Never get close to that creature!" When Scrow heard that he ask storm to hunt some food and give it to the pack while he talks to his mother seriously.
After afew days of peace,Scrow gathers everyone in the pack and suddenly
anonce that they are moving to another den. After awhile,
Scrow asks Storm and some younger wolfs to fetch some food for travelling.
Meanwhile, Scrow's discussing with the pack bout the creatures that have been attacking their territory one of the fighter also said "Where will we move to?"and the alpha reply "We don't know yet…"and Kiki continued "We will travel until there's really a safe place". And just in time, Storm and the young wolfs have returned.
And so their adventure begins. They first went to their neighbour,the Cloud pack,When they arrive the first one to greet them was Terence,The alpha of the pack."Hello my friends! What brings you here?"said happily.
Scrow said he needed to talk to Terence privetly and so,they decided to stay there for afew days. When night falls, Chika,which is Terence son wakes him and told Storm to follow him. Chika brought him to a clith where the mystery flying creatures stay there and there's a black and white like bird with a blue eyes and told Storm"Dark…darkness…Darkness will fall upon your pack…" surprised ,Storm asks "W..wha...what do mean??" But than,Kiki interrupted and the black and white creature disappears."what are you doing here this late? Go back to your den at once!" After hearing her scolding, he went to the den and was thinking what does that mean......
After a few days staying at their nighbours den and their members all fed well,they begen to set off once more.While traveling they met all kinds of small and fluffy animals and insect and mountains.seeing the mountains,they decided that they will go though them though it might take some time.
When they reached the mountain they came across a 4 leg-cat like creature just that its much more bigger than any other 4 legged cats.
The big cat hiss and pounce on Storm but He successfully doge the attacks which was hard for him to learn.while getting the 4legged creature distracted,Scrow and Kiki uses their claws and scratch the big cat"I will return…" and he disappear into the forest…
Everyone was shocked how fast and strong the creature is…but everyone still stand on their paws even the pups and started to get out of the mountain. As night time came,all members fell
asleep in the shelter they had find after being attacked by the big creature except Storm ,Storm had a strange feeling and he could not sleep . and so, He went to the river and drank some water as he drank,he saw a reflection of his face and a black and white flying creature again and it spoke"a light…a light…will guide your way…" Storm immediately turned over but the flying creature disappeared…

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