Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Moonlight Stars 2.

After drinking,Storm heard a voice..singing.. so,he padded over to the sound and he saw a small 2 legged creature with a long fur on its head singing beautifully and he hide in the bushes listening to the song as he walk closer he accidentally trip over and was discovered. The 2 legged creature walked closer and saw Storm and said" Are you alright?" "Another weird creature!!" Storm said shockingly and was thinking that there are a lot of weird creatures he saw in the journey.
The little creature than threw a stick but Storm couldn't resist chasing after it after a few hours of playing they both fell asleep. The next day when Storm woke up the creature was gone and he heard Snow , a play mate with white fur like a snow calling out for him..
Snow saw Storm and padded over and scold him"Why didn't you go back last moon?Your parents are really worried you know!" After being scolded,storm went back and another round of scolding begins.
After that night,he never hear the beautiful song that the little creature sing or see that creature again after a few months and season they finally almost clear the the mountain but just than,a huge eagle swop down and attacks the pack.
Storm takes down the wings while Snow distract the eagle and than the whole pack attacks the eagle after it retreats an elderly said"I never seen a pack working together like this" and they continued out the mountains. And they found a beautiful place with lots of flowers and trees and animals and many more and they decided to stay there.
After a few seasons,Snow became Storms mate and she gave birth to four little pups.the oldest is a male,called glow because his fur glows when night comes the second pup is a female called Cotton as her fur is fluffy like a cotton the third pup is a male called fang , his Fang is as sharp as a eagle claws and the fourth one is also a male,called Wings as Storm saw an eagle soaring in the sky with its beau f wings.
After four months,the pups are ready to learn how to hunt and during the hunt,Sky founded out that he can run like a lightning but the pack doesn't knows about it and Glow found out that he can predict the future depending what they did ,Fang also founded out that his bit is very strong while cotton found out she can heal animals.

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